Solids Basic Design

The solids Basic Design is used for dry processes with non-corrosive bulk solids of low to medium hardness for a low to medium load at low to medium temperatures in a non-aggressive industrial atmosphere in compliance with the Machinery Directive without Annex 1(2.1). Food processing machinery.

  • Design in principle in carbon steel, casting parts in grey cast iron/cast steel, machine parts partly in optional stainless steel
  • Surface casting sandblasted on the outside Ra = approx. 12.5 µm, permissible casting defects according to quality class VC3 to DIN EN 1370
  • Dimensioning and design according to relevant standards and guidelines
  • Wall thicknesses and welds according to strength requirements
  • Interrupted weld seams are permissible
  • Welds in principle according to EN ISO 5817 quality level C
  • Pressure proof or pressure shock resistant components with the required verifications
  • Support constructions where necessary with static calculations
  • Support constructions in carbon steel, painted
  • Surfaces chemically degreased, descaled, primed and painted
  • Optionally sandblasted, degree of purity SA 2.5 according to DIN EN ISO 8501-1

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