Dosing and weighing technology

For an exact product flow

In powder processing, it is important to achieve an accurate powder flow. To achieve this, the amount of product must be carefully dosed and weighed.

The amount of product can be fed either continuously or in batches. In gravimetric batch dosing, a scale is used to control the quantitative removal of a substance amount from the feed container. The same applies to the transfer of the substance amount to the downstream processes. These operations have to take place in a set amount of time and at a set speed.

Since January 2020, the former solids solutions Group has been part of the Hosokawa Alpine Group. This means that customers now receive complete solutions from a single source in the areas of mechanical process engineering and bulk solids handling.

Requirements for dosing devices and scales

Here, various challenges come up for the dosing and weighing process: On the one hand, there is a wide range of bulk solid properties that influence the weight and flow characteristics of the product to be processed and that must be taken into account when selecting the appropriate dosing technology. Secondly, the environment in which the scale has to function is generally quite unsuitable for the weighing process. The various feeders and scales from Hosokawa Solids meet these challenges and offer individual solutions for bulk solids with different tasks.

Design of a dosing system

In terms of equipment, a dosing unit includes the dosing device, the scale and a corresponding control system. For optimum results, these elements must be coordinated with each other, to the respective bulk solid and to their environment.

Dosing and weighing technology for every requirement

Perfectly matched to your specific accuracy and dosing requirements

  • Bin Scale and Flex Scale batching with metal or rubber hopper scales directly on load cells
  • Giro Scale small component dosing with rotating bowl scales and Preci Dos precision dosing units
  • Diff Dos continuous dosing with loss-in-weight feeders
  • Vacu Scale vacuum scales for the formation of large and small component batches
  • Pressure scale conveyor for feeding mixers, feeding reactors, feeding dissolvers, etc. with weighed batches

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