Create the perfect process with consulting and system planning

Are you planning a new construction or do you have an idea for a new laboratory, product or process and need support for the industrial realisation? Then it is important to take a holistic approach to the entire process. Our Process Consulting experts are the right partners to have at your side for system planning. After all, we develop your entire process for bulk materials process engineering and consider every single production step along the way – from the delivery of raw materials to the packaging of the bulk materials.

The result? A solid foundation for decision-making based on the wealth of expertise offered by the Hosokawa Group and an investment at the outset that helps you make big savings throughout the process.

The perfect powder process

Developed for your specific needs

In a custom-fit powder process, many parts come together to form a large whole: from various tests and substance balances to cost analyses and decision matrices to process transfer to other applications, locations or manufacturers. Process Consulting works with you to develop your custom-fit powder process, which we will be happy to implement with you later.


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Your advantages with process consulting

Support and consulting from experienced development partners

  • Neutral view for a different perspective
  • Early and rapid validation of investment projects
  • Reduced project risks
  • Accelerated project processes
  • Solid foundation for decision-making
  • Optimised CAPEX and OPEX based on the best option

  • Many years of experience in mechanical process engineering
  • Access to laboratories/test centres of the Hosokawa Group for rapid feasibility studies
  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment and measurement technology
  • Complete pre-planning from a single source
  • Very good industry network

Just get started!

In our one-day workshop, we will get your project off the ground together. You will obtain:

  • A neutral view of your project
  • Clarity about project status and structure
  • Reliability for further planning

At the end of the workshop you will receive a proposal for further project development.

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Create value right from the start

Let's pave the way for your success!

Process Consulting - that's how it works

Transform your idea into an optimal investment

As the first step, we put your idea in concrete terms and define the task. To do this, we look at your idea holistically, taking into account the special properties of your bulk material or system. In a feasibility analysis, we analyse the current situation and your needs. This includes component or system tests, comparisons of different technologies and your time to market. On this basis of the findings, we draw up a specification document that sets out all the requirements for the process and the general conditions (e.g. ATEX or building). At the end of this step, you will receive a rough implementation concept and cost estimate. This defines the main components of your process and records them in a rough process flow diagram.

In the next step, we develop several solutions for your individual requirements. This includes tests to check technical feasibility, initial process flow diagrams and a cost analysis in terms of OPEX and CAPEX. At the end, you will receive various process proposals and an evaluation of these alternatives.

In the last step, we take a closer look at the different options so that you can make the best decision in the end. This includes risk analyses and decision matrixes, flow diagrams and a 3D visualisation with your main process components and building structures. Once this is finished, you will have found the process that best meets your requirements and a solid foundation for your further business plan. It is up to you whether you implement this process with a different manufacturer of your choice or once again rely on Hosokawa Alpine's know-how and experience.

What is the task?

  • Feasibility analysis
    - Needs analysis
    - Product analyses
    - Component/system tests
    - Technology comparison
    - Quantity and substance balances
    - Process engineering design
    - Time to market
    - Sustainability
  • Development of specification document<
    - Product
    - Process
    - General conditions
      (ATEX, lECEx, CE, buildings, requirements, etc.)
  • Rough implementation concept and cost estimate
    - Definition of main components
    - Rough process flow diagram

What are the alternatives?

  • Alternative process proposals
    - Dif. degree of automation
    - Scaling
    - horizonal vs. vertical
  • Process flow chart
  • Layout planning (rough)
  • Cost analysis (OPEX, CAPEX)
  • Equipment and consumer lists
  • Components specification
  • Automation pre-planning

How are the options evaluated?

  • Risk analyses
  • Decision matrixes
  • Mapping from specification to solution options
  • Visualisation
    - Building
    - Systems

Well thought out

Hand in hand to optimum system planning

Process Consulting supports customers in all planning phases up to the full-scale production system. Through experience with your individual process, we arrive at the optimal result together.

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Planning the entire process

It’s not just building a machine – we support your projects from consulting to maintenance.