A look back: Alpine Process Technology Summit Lignin 2024

- Sound theoretical and practical expertise in all aspects of the natural raw material

On 15 and 16 May 2024, Hosokawa Alpine was all about the natural raw material lignin. At the Alpine Process Technology Summit Lignin, participants learnt a great deal about the processing of lignin and were also able to take a look behind the scenes at Hosokawa Alpine during a factory tour.

Lignin is an extremely versatile raw material, but has special processing requirements depending on the quality of the raw material and the manufacturing process. The Hosokawa Group offers a wide range of solutions for processing the natural raw material by drying, compacting, grinding and classifying. In order to support lignin manufacturers on the way to their individual lignin process, experts from the industry shared their extensive knowledge at the two-day event.

A total of around 35 participants from various countries from Germany to Sweden and Brazil attended the Lignin Summit. "We were delighted with the great interest in this sustainable and versatile raw material and the high level of commitment shown by the participants," summarised Sonja Seiler, Head of Sales and product specialist for lignin in the Chemicals division at Hosokawa Alpine.

Expert knowledge for lignin manufacturers

At the Alpine Process Technology Summit Lignin, the Augsburg-based machine and system manufacturer provided its customers with in-depth expertise in the processing of lignin - from grinding and classifying to compacting, storage and product handling. There were also specialist presentations on various lignin applications.

This gave participants the knowledge they need to organise their lignin process efficiently and develop a high-quality product. In addition to representatives from Hosokawa Alpine, Hosokawa Micron B.V. and Hosokawa Solids, speakers included Dr Panos Kouris from Vertroro Goldilocks® on the benefits of oligomeric lignin. Sönke Detjen from Comprisetec spoke about lignin as a sustainable and functional component of plastics, Dr Ievgen Pylypchuk from Lignoflow Technologies AB provided information on advances in the use of lignin in nanogels and Dr Marc Fricke from aerogel-it GmbH presented findings on decarbonisation with lignin-based super materials. Wienke Reynolds and Christin Zimmer from Lignopure GmbH - a cooperation partner of Hosokawa Alpine - raised the question: "Can we establish lignin as a common resource?" A practical test at Hosokawa Alpine, a panel discussion and a joint dinner rounded off the event.

"At our summit, we give our participants the opportunity to expand their network and develop new perspectives in addition to acquiring knowledge"’ says Sonja Seiler. The two days of the summit in Augsburg were a great success.