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Hosokawa Solids was founded in 1969 by H. J. Linder as the solids solutions group, and initially advised customers on the project planning and execution of automatic bulk solids systems. Since 1983, the company has also been producing its own machinery and equipment for handling bulk solids at its site in Landsberg am Lech. Its portfolio also includes special designs, after-sales service, inspections, maintenance and repair.

The core competencies of Hosokawa Solids are the technologies of storage & discharge, pneumatic conveying, weighing & dosing as well as automation. Based on these competencies, the company offers special industry solutions for chemicals, food & beverages, minerals, plastics & rubber, animal feed, energy and the environment.

In Landsberg am Lech, not far from Augsburg, Hosokawa Solids has around 5000 m2 of production space where it manufactures its components and assemblies – as well as at another location in Spain . This has allowed the company to design and build well over 1,000 plants in Europe and overseas over the last 50 years. These plants lead to a rapid return on investment due to high performance, low maintenance requirements and minimised energy consumption.

The goal of Hosokawa Solids is to further expand the advantages of the solution, which is based on decades of broad experience in every bulk solids processing sector, in order to contribute even more powerfully to the success of our customers.

Since January 2020, the solids solutions group has been part of the Hosokawa Alpine Group and is now part of the Hosokawa Micron Group as Hosokawa Solids.

The solids solutions group is your competent partner for a wide variety of bulk solids productions and bulk solids processing industries. We offer over 50 years of experience and expertise in the development and manufacture of equipment and components for bulk solids handling.

Own engineering and manufacturing capacity as well as manufacturer direct service

  • Approx. 65 engineers skiled in process engineering, apparatus engineering, automation, plant engineering and project management
  • Production area: 5000 m²
  • maximum unit weight: 10 t
  • maximum piece size: 200 m³ silo in one piece
  • Manufacturer direct service with engineering service, after-sales service, carrying out tests on an industrial scale in our testing facilities, development of problem-related solutions including process and apparatus engineering.

Hosokawa Solids Solutions GmbH in Germany has been advising you on the project planning and execution of automatic bulk solids systemssince 1969. Since 1983, we have been producing our own machinery and equipmentat our site in Landsberg am Lech. Our services also include special designs, after-sales service, inspections, maintenance and repair.

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solids system-technik, s.l. was also founded in 1969 in the Basque region of Spain. Like its sister company in Landsberg, solids system-technik, s.l. is active in the project planning and construction of automatic bulk solids handling systems. Four years later, the companysolids components MIGSA S.L. was founded, which manufactures the standard equipment range from Hosokawa Solids Solutions. Today, the two Spanish companies jointly form Hosokawa Solids Solutions SL with over 50 years of experience in the project planning and execution of automatic bulk solids systems.

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  • approx. 30 million euros annually

Engineering capacity:

  • Approximately 65 engineers and technicians skilled in process technology, plant engineering, apparatus engineering, automation and project management.

All planning and design work stations are equipped with:
3D CAD system (Solid Works)
2D CAD system (HP ME 10).

Manufacturing capacity:

  • 5000 m² production area
  • maximum unit weight: 10 t
  • maximum piece size: 200 m³ silo in one piece.

We have executed well over 10,000 orders in Europe and overseas. Countless bulk solids have been tested in our facilities on an industrial scale. The knowledge we have gained from these tests and from our completed plants ensures that we have all the necessary competence for designing and executing new installations.

Based on our core competencies: Storage & Discharge, Pneumatic Conveying, Weighing & Dosing, Automation, we can provide special

industry solutions for:
chemicals, paints, varnishes, plastics, rubber, food, beverages, basic materials, minerals, glass, ceramics, enamel, foundry, steel, energy and environment.

Our components and assemblies are predominantly manufactured in our group-owned production facilities . Ongoing quality controls and functional acceptance tests ensure our high quality standard.
The solids solutions group develops and creates its own software, adapted to the specific project and material requirements for dosing and weighing technology and pneumatic conveying technology.
We design and build process control systems applying high performance programmable logic controllers, industrial computers and colour screen graphics for process visualisation, process documentation and management information.

The solids solutions group maintains a quality assurance system with experienced specialists and works according to DIN/ISO 9000 ff.

Counted among our references are the market leaders of the bulk solids producing and processing industries such as Bayer Ciba-Geigy Henkel - AKZO NOBEL - BASF - Kömmerling - Continental - Nestlé - Coca-Cola - Martini & Rossi Dyckerhoff - Knauf - Saint Gobain - Rocca - Lladro - Sumicol - Sinter Stahl - MVV Energie.

Success & profitability:
We have designed and built well over 1000 systems in Europe and overseas. These installations lead to a rapid return on investment due to high performancelow maintenance requirements and minimised energy consumption .

The vision of company founder H. J. Linder and the managing directors of the individual companies is to further expand the advantages of the solution, which is based on decades of broad experience in every bulk solids processing sector. This is to be achieved by integrating the individual companies into the solids solutions group, which in turn will enable us to contribute even more powerfully to the success of our customers.

Through the integration of individual competences

  • Engineering capacity for process and apparatus technology
  • Engineering capacity for control, automation and data processing
  • High-quality in-house production of proven equipment and components
  • Direct service "around the clock" by the manufacturer, including inspections, maintenance, repair and original spare parts

It is our goal to provide our customers with a rapid return on investment through high performance, low maintenance requirements, 100% availability between revisions and optimised energy consumption.

Hosokawa Solids Design Lines

The Solids Solutions Group product range is available in four design lines. 

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Hosokawa solids solutions GmbH

Managing Director: Otto Kilg
Lechwiesenstr. 21
86899 Landsberg am Lech, Germany
Tel: (+49) 8191/3359-0
Fax: (+49) 8191/3359-22
Email: info@solids.hosokawa.com

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