The Alpine VIB system

Compact and wireless

Whether for sample analysis, regular checkups or for maintenance tasks, the Alpine VIB system enables you to keep an eye on the operating status of your machine at all times. Thanks to the innovative measuring system, you can easily conduct a vibration analysis on your machine without the need to contract an external measuring service. With the VIB system, you can identify any necessary maintenance tasks, which allows you to extend maintenance intervals and effectively reduce downtime.

Advantages of the Alpine VIB System:

  • Compact, complete package for vibration analysis on all machines (irrespective of manufacturer)
  • Wireless measuring via tablet
  • Individual checking, analysing and logging of machine condition
  • Alarm function for damage prevention and minimal downtime
  • High-quality reference measurement after maintenance
  • Flexible – no permanent installation necessary
  • Ready to use, no training required

  • Battery operated sensor
    Mounted with screws or magnets, suitable for all machines

  • Tablet diagnostics
    Mobile data transfer between sensor and tablet via WLAN

  • Alpine VIB Software
    Visualization, logging and parameterization of vibration measurements

Technical information:

  • Vibration analysis and vibration-strength graphs, DIN ISO 10816-3 compliant
  • Vibration speed measurement range from 0 – 25 mm/s
  • Vibration-frequency range from 1 – 1,000 Hz
  • 3D measuring with x-, y- or z-axis selection

All functions at a glance

  • Graphic Measurement Display
    Simple display of vibration measurement raw data for evaluation (DIN ISO 10816-3)

  • Measurement graphics with real-tmie display.
    Raw-data storage forlater evaluation.

  • Measurement System Parametrization
    For fast and easy measurement checks, machine specific parameters can be defined, saved and easily accessed.

  • Generating measurement logs.
    Record measurement values in digital logs, including charts, min-max values, statistical scattering and many more functions.
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