Challenges in the use of PCR material

  • The quality and composition of the granulate depend heavily on the sorting and cleanliness of the waste stream.
  • Consistent product properties of the raw material cannot be guaranteed
  • May not be used as food packaging
  • Transparency is difficult to achieve

Typical applications with a high PCR content

  • Rubbish bags (100%)
  • Bags
  • Industrial packaging (stretch films, caps)
  • Agricultural films
  • Heavy-duty sacks

From waste to high-quality film

with blown film lines optimised for PCR

For decades, Hosokawa Alpine’s blown film lines have been processing recycled materials into high-quality film. In order to produce competitively and cost-efficiently, the equipment must first of all be reliable as well as ensure a stable production process. The system components from Hosokawa Alpine meet these requirements as they are optimally coordinated and able to tolerate the varying raw material qualities of PCR granulate.

Your advantages:

  • Process stable and reliable production processes
  • The system components are precisely coordinated
  • The Alpine extruder and Alpine die head are ideal for processing PCR materials
  • Maximum bubble stability
  • The supply of cool melt ensures an efficient and stable production process
  • Low energy consumption due to efficient system design
Ecological and economic advantages

  • Less use of fossil raw materials
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 85%
  • Less water consumption
  • Less energy consumption
  • Reduction of the amount of waste
  • Use contributes to the use of a circular economy

Customer Story: Circular Economy at Plasta

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