Cooling system
Cooling ring
Cooling tower
Cooling ring
Cooling tower

Cooling system

Cooling systems are precisely matched to the system configuration. Each cooling system consists of internal and external cooling.

Cooling ring (external cooling)

  • Base body fully thermally insulated for increased energy efficiency
  • Insulation prevents condensation on the outer surface
  • Optimised air distribution increases control accuracy for optimum film tolerances
  • Easy integration into the system through only one cooling air supply line

Cooling tower (internal cooling)

The unique monomer collection system for paraffin retention prevents paraffin splashes on the film bubble.

  • Considerable improvement of the film quality
  • Significant extension of the cleaning intervals
  • New nozzle geometry reduces the back pressure and thus ensures optimum use of the existing cooling capacity
  • The high volume flow guarantees the highest system output
Design cooling ring

  • Dual lip cooling ring insert for driving style short neck with medium flow rates

  • Triple lip cooling ring insert for driving style short neck with

      - Highest throughputs
      - Best thickness profiles
      - Improved mechanical properties
      - Large layflat range

  • Dual lip cooling ring insert specially designed for long neck operation with high density raw materials

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