Remote Solutions

fast, flexible and time-saving

Digital technologies augment both your and our possibilities – not only in service but also in system engineering.


Digital supervision of trials in our test centres

Be there live – direct from your workstation

Trials in the Alpine test centres can now be accompanied digitally via a video connection: starting with the discussion in the conference room to a look inside the system control as well as inside the actual system. Click here to learn more about our test centres and the digital supervision of trials.


Remote FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)

Everything under control

The factory acceptance test can be followed online from anywhere in the world via video conference. Under application of our mobile camera solutions, you can get a close look at the components and exchange ideas with the responsible engineers.


Online support for commissioning / start-up procedures

Effectively networked

First of all, our automation and process technology engineers check the function of the installed individual components. They then control the interaction between the system sections and the control unit. After a subsequent function test, commissioning is usually considered completed. The whole process culminates in hand-over of the fully operational system to the customer, who then assumes responsibility for the system. Dependent on what was agreed on, the commissioning procedure might be rounded off by a supplementary performance test (capacity, duration, product properties, etc.).

The individual steps of the commissioning procedure can be portrayed via our on-line support team: we decide together with you about the possibilities of remote commissioning and support your qualified personnel through expert knowledge under application of innovative tools – around the clock and anywhere in the world.


Remote-SAT (Site Acceptance Test)

A strong team

Commissioning is completed and is augmented by means of a detailed report.
Our engineers connect into your system via video and perform a remote acceptance test together with your specialist personnel.


Remote Service

Support for your specialist personnel through professional expertise – on the spot, worldwide, around the clock

Our Blueserv team handles all your service queries. Our extensive range of services has a preventative function and guarantees fast troubleshooting.
You save time, costs and important resources!

  • In the case of a process-technological problem
    Your system data are all we need. Your fee-based service time can often be reduced considerably, because you allow us to only access your system on an ad hoc basis.
  • In the case of a mechanical problem
    Our remote service team can identify the damage to your system. The decision regarding how exactly to rectify the problem is made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Electrical problems
    Equipped with data glasses, your electrician on site can be talked through the fault rectification steps by means of a video connection to our technical experts.
  • On-line training courses
    Training for your system can be carried out on line using digital tools such as data glasses.

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Planning the entire process

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