Hosokawa Alpine Flake Crusher Bexmill

Innovative crushing technology

from laboratory-scale to industrial-scale production

Bexmill ABM

With the Bexmill ABM soft to medium-hard substances are crushed gently. The Bexmill is also called basket type mill or conical mill.

The mill can be charged both continuously and discontinuously. From the feed unit the material to be crushed reaches the grinding area.

Due to its conical form the Bexmill ABM can be operated in contrast to the classic Flake Crusher at higher revolutions. Through this larger throughputs and higher fineness can be achieved.

The product spectrum ranges from wet to dry feed material.

Tailored to your application

Powdered milk

The growing global population serves to constantly increase the demand for milk powder. The deagglomeration of the powder downstream of the mixing and drying steps constitutes an essential element of the production of high-quality milk powder.

Salt & Sugar lumps

Hygroscopic products have a tendency to form lumps during their storage. Homogenisation ensures a smooth production process.

Salty snacks / Sweet pastries

Broken goods need no longer be disposed of but can rather be returned to the production process as rework material.

  • Crushing of flakes
  • After mixer agglomeration
  • Homogenisation of mixtures
  • Disintegration of agglomerates
  • After fluid beds and kilns
  • Finishing of granulates

  • Conical grinding area
  • Rotor driven from above or below
  • Large intake
  • Lower air rate

  • Intake and discharge funnel
  • Connection flange
  • Specifiable frame (lifting column, slewing mechanism, rollers, ...)
  • Seals with gap air flushing
  • Inerting
  • De-dusting connection
  • Screen with circular mesh, perforated screen
  • Screen size 0.5 – 10 mm
  • Pressure shock resistance
Bexmill A BM 80 125 225 325
Diameter (mm) 80 125 225 325
max. throughput kg/h 350 950 3.400 7.500
Bexmill A BM 150 200 300 400 600
Diameter (mm) 150 200 300 400 500
max. throughput kg/h 1.400 2.350 5.400 9.500 20.000
Brochure Bexmill ABM

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