Recycling plastic mouldings

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Recycling plastic mouldings

Economical comminution of injection mouldings, blow mouldings, thermoformed parts and large-volume articles

The requirements associated with grinding injection mouldings, blow mouldings or thermoformed parts are manifold. Whereas the process itself sometimes calls for blow mouldings to be ground while hot, the focus in the field of injection mouldings or thermoformed parts is somewhat different. Here, the main focus is on good cleanability of the systems and the reliable intake of bulky parts.

What they all have in common is that a closed material circuit is becoming increasingly important because in this way, valuable raw materials can be replaced by carefully prepared feed material. This makes both economic sense as well as being environmentally sustainable.

In order to return the ground product to the production process without problem, a number of different requirements placed on the end product and system must be fulfilled:

  • Homogeneous and dust-free ground product
  • Retention of the material properties
  • Electrostatic charging
  • Varying grindability

Smart solution

Even difficult products (large volume, high weight, bulky shape) can be recycled with the right systems. The solution is the combination of parts matched to the problem specification with the detailed solutions tailored to match market requirements, e.g.:

  • Simple and reliable charging of the feed material: either separately or in batches by means of individual configuration of the feed situation
  • Individual solutions such as the supply of water or cold air
  • Explosion-protection concepts for filters and equipment
  • Product dedusting systems
  • Fully automated process control
  • Gentle material processing
  • Space-saving system design
  • Simple and thorough cleanability
  • High life service

The Polyplex PPC is the newest development from Hosokawa Alpine to recycle plastic mouldings. It combines self-dosing properties of a shredder with the product fineness values of a granulator in one single machine. The Polyplex was first assembled at MG Plast and optimized to the customer's needs. Read the case study about the first use of the innovative shredder granulator.

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