Additive Manufacturing Metal

Perfect metal powder

through an optimal classifying process

Additive Manufacturing Metal

Metal powder classification for 3D printing

With its classifiers for powder manufacture, which have already proved their worth a hundred times over in successful use, Hosokawa Alpine develops unique technologies for the widest  array of industries. The machines, designed for extremely precise classification and simplest cleaning, have now been specifically adapted to the requirements of metal powder production.


Conventional sieving machines remove the coarse particles that accumulate during atomisation of the metal powder in a pre-classification step. This technology, however, soon encounters its limits when flexible separation cuts, inert gas operation or  more frequent product changes are required. An optimum solution is now available: air classifiers from Hosokawa Alpine.

The different types of air classifiers always work in a manner precisely tailored to the task at hand:

  • The tried-and-trusted Hosokawa Alpine Turboplex ATP or TSP ultrafine air classifiers provide flexible separation cuts for pre-classifying or limiting the top-size and for dedusting.
  • With the Hosokawa Alpine TTSP, we achieve an optimally steep particle size distribution via two-stage classification in just one single machine.

Particle size distribution of a classified steel powder

  • Inert operation in gas circuit mode
  • Continuously adjustable separation cut of approx. 5 – 150 μm
  • Precise particle top-size limitation and dedusting
  • Steep particle size distribution
  • High yield
  • Dust-tight and gas-tight versions
  • Containment solutions for CMR substances


The choice is yours!

Whether a filterless classifying line in circulating air mode or two-stage classifying in inert gas circuit mode is involved – we will find the optimum solution for you!


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