Screen changer
Screen changer
Screen changer
Screen changer
Screen changer

Screen changer

Thanks to the optimum interaction of all components, the newly developed ADC screen changer series fits perfectly into Alpine systems and guarantees maximum efficiency and the best film quality.

  • Maximum melt pressure of 800 bar enables highest output
  • The screw can be withdrawn through the screen changer to provide major savings in time during cleaning and refitting
  • Designed according to the proven swivel plate principle
  • Compact space-saving design with short melt lines

Screen changers serve to remove particles from the molten plastic with the aim of enhancing product quality. The rheologically optimized design of the ADC prevents contamination in the system and significantly extends the cleaning intervals.


  • Modular adapter system for connection to Alpine extruders and die heads
  • optimized melt channel geometries prevents contamination and extend the service life
  • fast heat-up times
  • integrated melt pressure measurement, as well as a melt temperature measurement


The screen saver is availabe in hydraulic or manual version


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