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Ultrafine Classifier - ATP Turboplex

  • Single-wheel or multi-wheel air classifier for ultrafine classifying operations.
  • Superfine powders in the fineness range d97 = 5 to 10 µm; with the NG model, finenesses of d97 = 2 µm (d50 = 0.3 µm) are possible.
  • Spatter-grain-free operation over the entire separation range.
  • Integrated coarse material classifier to increase the cut point.
  • Low-wear mode of operation.
  • Principle of operation

    After entering the machine, the classifying air flows through the classifying wheel in centripetal direction. In the process, the classifying wheel extracts the fines from the feed material and conveys them to the fines discharge. The coarse material rejected by the classifying wheel gravitates downwards. The air routing shown in the schematic is much simplified, because before the coarse material exits the classifier, it is rinsed again intensively by air to remove the remaining fines. This results in an extremely clean coarse fraction.

    The product is fed either via a rotary valve or in the case of an air-flow classifier, entrained in the classifying air. Product fineness is controlled by adjustment of the classifier wheel speed using a frequency converter. The horizontal arrangement of the classifying wheel means that even "difficult" products can be processed with no problem.

  • Features

    There is hardly another type of classifier that is so well adapted to the demands of practical operation as the Turboplex ultrafine classifier:

    • The simple and robust design reduces costs for maintenance and servicing.
    • The horizontal arrangement of the classifying wheel reduces wear even with abrasive products and guarantees a long service life.
    • If processing extremely abrasive products, a wear-protection lining prevents excessive wear.
    • Modest space requirement.
    • High fines yield.
    • Sharp top size limitation.
    • Stable operation even if the feed rate fluctuates.
    • Long service life.
    • Coating formation prevented, e.g. when classifying CaCO3.
    • Rinsing gap easy to adjust.
    • Narrow rinsing gap possible.
    • Vibration-free.
  • Designs

    All single-wheel and multi-wheel ATP classifiers can be delivered in pressureless design. With the exception of the 750 ATP and the 1000 ATP, the classifiers are available to order in explosion-pressure-shock-proof design to 10 bar overpressure.

  • Wear protection

    The materials of construction and the wear protection is customised for the individual application. For the pharmaceuticals industry, the ATP is manufactured in stainless steel.

  • Video


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