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The name ALPINE stands for competence in all areas of comminution technology. The long years of close cooperation between our engineers and the development departments of our customers have made us leading specialists for powder and particle processing technology around the world. Because our aim is to offer our customers the very best in professional and accomplished advice tailored to their specific branch of industry, our powder and particle processing division is divided into five subdivisions:

We supply complete dry and wet processes with state-of-the-art mills and classifiers for processing mineral raw materials. Some applications as examples:

Zircon sand: Dry processing with precise top cut for non-porous high gloss coatings required by the ceramics industry.

Metal powders and alloys: Processing of rare earth elements, e.g. for the production of heavy-duty magnets for the IT industry.

We supply process-technological solutions for the chemical industry as a single-source partner. Some applications by examples:

Toner: High end-product fineness and a steep particle size distribution guarantees a dust-free end product for perfect printing results.

PE wax: Optimum processing of ultrafine PE wax at ambient temperatures.

Pigments: Reliable fine grinding of adhesion-prone dyes.

The manufacture of powdery substances for the pharmaceutical industry is a job for specialists. Some applications by examples:

Sterilized powder: Systems for aseptic, pharmaceutical substances achieve cGMP standards and low OEB values.

Dental compounds: Contamination-free processes for immaculate ceramic inlays of premium quality.

Some applications by examples:

Sugar: Pressure-shock-proof design compliant with ATEX directives for maximum operational safety.

Tobacco: Tailored wear protection ensures high system availability.

Nutmeg: Cryogenic grinding for the protection of aromas and essential oils in food.

We design, build and deliver complete granulator systems to include all necessary system components. Some applications by examples:

Cable recycling: Copper recovery from mixed cable waste and presorted electronics waste.

Micronized rubber powder: Efficient cryogenic grinding for the production of ultrafine micronized powder from recycled rubber used for tire production.

Read more about  recycling applications.

The production of granular bulk goods from powder products requires a separate process stage: compacting or dry granulation.

Read more about  compaction technology.

The basic parameters for the production process are set at an early stage, i.e. during the development of new processes. Hence, developers require equipment and analysis processes that also apply to later industrial-scale processes. This eliminates costly developments that cannot be implemented on an industrial scale.

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