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Training is based on the specialist instruction given by our qualified instructors as well as the subjects dealt with in the vocational college and leads ultimately to a qualification issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

With the percentage of trainees in both commercial and technical occupations a steady 10% of our workforce, our company has one of the highest training rates in the Augsburg region. The high quality of the training is reflected time and again in the excellent results the Hosokawa Alpine trainees achieve in their final exams.

A great number of our employees, e.g. in our manufacturing division, started their career as trainees or apprentices in our company. It is therefore hardly surprising to sometimes come across 3 generations of one family working within our company.

Offers for Apprenticeships

We already filled all vacancies for apprenticeships starting September 01 2016.

New offers for apprenticeships are found at due time on the German site  Stellenangebote

Your contact: Mr S. Knöferle, Tel. +49 821 5906-573