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04. June 2013

ATRIM – Recycling Extruder for Edge Trims

to avoid the waste at blown film production

Seen from an economic and ecological point of view, it is nowadays essential that the edge trims generated during the production of blown film are routed back to the film blowing process. Appropriately, the Alpine portfolio was extended by an ATRIM recycling system, so that now, all requirements are completely covered. The edge trims are fed continuously either via an edge trim extraction unit or direct via the recycling extruder into a feed unit. The granules manufactured using a hot-cut water-cooled pelletiser are cooled by means of a material transport blower and are collected in a container. Because of the gentle processing operation, the thermal damage to the granules is only minimal and the granules are thus of high quality and can be returned to the film blowing process immediately. The system is designed for PE-LD, PE-MD, PE-LLD and PE-HD and is available in two sizes.

The ATRIM 35 version is designed for outputs of max. 30-40 kg/h and covers the requirements of a typical film blowing line.

The ATRIM 50 version was developed especially for the in-line process with an MDO line. On account of the higher amount of edge trim waste, outputs of up to 60-70 kg/h are possible, dependent on the material.