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01. April 2016

Process analytics in focus

Higher throughputs and yet a lower space requirement: to meet such requests, continuous processes are becoming ever more important in the pharmaceuticals industry. As a specialised supplier of systems and machines for grinding, mixing, drying and compacting, HOSOKAWA ALPINE is actively following this trend, and will be presenting its newest solutions at the Powtech 2016.

An unequivocal and traceable product quality for every single batch is the most important argument in favour of batch processing in the production of pharmaceuticals. When using continuous-mode machines, it is essential to guarantee that the product quality is known and verifiable in every single process step. In the light of this, the necessity arises of employing a continuous process analysis system (Process Analytical Technology, PAT), just as is already available for a growing number of process steps. HOSOKAWA ALPINE already employs such analysis systems in a multitude of industries which have been using continuous systems for many years for high-quality production.

On the machine side of things, HOSOKAWA ALPINE offers continuous-mode alternatives for the production of pharmaceuticals, for example the modular mixer Modulomix. Over and above this, semi-continuous process lines offer the possibility of using buffer containers to seamlessly integrate individual process steps which run in batch mode and which, for example, require specific residence or reaction times, into a continuous production line without having to transfer the intermediates via IBCs.

In the development of high-performance solutions for the continuous production of pharmaceutics, the HOSOKAWA Group unites different areas of competence: with its extensive portfolio of process-technological products, the HOSOKAWA Group covers the majority of tasks dealing with the processing of active substances such as drying, grinding, mixing, compacting and packaging.