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25. April 2016

All clear at a glance?

Flue gas desulphurisation with sodium carbonate

Established since many years, flue gas desulphurisation with sodium carbonate is a proven method of removing noxious substances such as SO2, SO3 and HCL not only from the exhaust gas from WtE or EfW incineration plants but also in the case of combustion in different industrial sectors such as the glass, cement or steel industry. For reasons of storage and transport, the sodium carbonate is processed and comminuted right on the spot. With its specially designed APP (Alpine PowderPlex) classifier mill, Hosokawa Alpine has set new standards in this field. More than 200 systems installed around the world are in operation for this application and Hosokawa Alpine is a renowned partner for many system engineers and engineering offices who are specialised on this sector. With the data slide for flue gas desulphurisation, determination of the right machine size and the operating data is now made easy and is represented in a clearly structured form. An ideal aid for the design process.