Bexroller A BR

Bexroller ABR

With the Bexroller ABR pellets are rounded off. The rounding process is known as spheronisation. The Bexroller is also known as spheronizer.

The Bexroller ABR has a cylindrical product chamber in which a contoured disk rotates. In this product chamber the pellets go through intensive rotation and rolling movements.

The spherical pellets produced by spheronisation have a smooth surface and a narrow particle size distribution.

  • Rounding off pellets
  • Highly active pharmaceutical products
  • Aggressive chemicals

  • Machines in cascade connection for continuous operation and high throughput
  • Gas-tight construction
  • CIP/WIP option
Bexroller A BR A BR 300 A BR 450 A BR 600 A BR 750 A BR 900
Disc diameter (mm) 300 450 600 750 900
Throughput (l) 3 10 20 45 60

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