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picoline platform

The fully equipped platform has a universal adapter and includes the necessary electric and mechanical components for all function modules. It allows you to keep all your options open and further modules can be purchased and connected up at a later date without problem. The motors are integrated into the platform.

  • Variants

    The picoline platform is available in 4 different designs: these differ with respect to the motor design and the appropriate drive control element.

    Platform:Number of high-speed drivesNumber of high-torque drivesHose pump
    Variant P121yes
    Variant P220no
    Variant P310no
    Variant P401yes

    A platform can also be retrofitted with more drives.

  • Features

    The platform consists of a housing in an ergonomic table­top design laid out to accommodate the picoline function modules.

    The compact dimensions permit installation inside a laboratory fume hood. The platform surface is made of brushed stainless steel that is perfect for quick and easy cleaning.

    Not only is the standardised controller for all picoline function modules housed in a space­saving way but, dependent on the individual platform variant, also all electric and mechanical components necessary for operation of the respective function module.

    The media is supplied via an adapter, meaning that no tubes are necessary. The adapter is laid out for connection of all function modules. The advantage is that other modules can be added as and when desired.

  • Operation

    System control is executed via a touch panel with integrated microprocessor built into the platform.

    Once the operator selects the respective function module on the touch panel, the pre-installed control logic activates automatically.

    Operating data, settings, system flow charts and trend curves can be visualised on a number of display levels.

    Every platform is equipped with a LAN interface for a printer, remote control and the link to LIMS systems. The export of CSV files on a USB memory stick is also possible.

  • Details

    Equipment details of the picoline - platform:

    • Touch panel
    • Microprocessor, CAN bus, I/O ports, power pack
    • Mains switch, connection cable, 3 USB connections, 2 connectors
    • Pivoted media supply adapter to permit attachment of the respective machine to the platform (tiltable for picoliq and picobond)
  • Specifications

    Dimensions (without function module and accessories): L 893 mm x W 616 mm x H 488 mm

    Weight dependent on equipment: approx. 60 - 100 kg


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