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picobond high-energy mixer

The picobond is a mixing reactor designed to give a functional design to dry particles using a mechanochemical process. The design and principle of operation are almost identical to that of the Alpine Nobilta product line.

Dry process for the production of functionalised particles (particle design) and high-precision mixtures.

  • Operating principle

    A high-speed agitator is located in a reactor vessel which effects a brief but intensive compression of a powder mixture, at the same time stressing it through shearing action. The pressure is then relieved and the powder remixed. In batch mode, this process is repeated many times during the residence time of the material in the machine. The product is then emptied out of the machine through an outlet port.

    As a result of the high stressing intensity, mechanochemical reactions occur on the surface of the particles. The particles are brought into contact with each other in such a way that stable coatings, compound particles or changes to the particle shape come into being. The process parameters are set as a function of the rotor speed and the reaction time.

  • Features
    • Batch mode
    • Process chamber can be cooled
    • Can be rinsed with inert gas
    • Machine can be tilted to allow filling and emptying
    • Measuring devices for product temperature, rotor speed and motor output
    • 2 rotor variants: Nobilta (NOB) or mechanofusion (AMS)
  • Variants
    • Mechanofusion rotor with stator cover
    • Inclined-paddle agitator for contamination-free processing
    • Wear-protected design
  • Technical specifications

    Process chamber volumes

    • with rotor type NOB:
    • with rotor type AMS:

    190 ml

    220 ml


    • with rotor type NOB:
    • with rotor type AMS:

    max. 10,000 1/min

    max. 7,300 1/min

    Rotor drive:785 W
    Product batch:max. approx. 20 g


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