Sustainability is important for everyone

Energy-efficient plants and resource-saving production

We think about the future, not only with forward-looking technologies, but also by acting responsibly. That is why sustainability is a key aspect of our corporate strategy.

When it comes to innovations and cutting-edge technology, sustainability and economic efficiency must go hand in hand. We make our contribution to this every day – economically, ecologically and socially.

Save energy

an important part of our sustainability strategy

In order to minimise our environmental impact, we are continuously reducing the energy requirements of our plants. This benefits our customers above all: It makes their production workflows environmentally friendly and reduces their energy costs.

This is how we help our customers save energy:

  • Process effectiveness program
    to continuously improve the energy efficiency of our technologies
  • Drive power adaptation
    to the minimum level required
  • Energy-efficient extruders for blown film lines
    Reduce energy consumption by up to 20% with the HX Select high-performance extruder at significantly reduced melt temperatures.
  • Energy-efficient classifiers
    Energy savings of up to 25% compared to established machine generations with the Calciplex ACP due to proprietary classifier wheel technology for the minerals and metals industry
  • Vertical roller mill for the minerals and metals industry
    The AWM-F reduces energy consumption by up to 25% compared to ball mill systems
  • Modernisation and software updates
    Support with evaluation of installed systems and ongoing processes by our service team, recommendation of energy-efficient improvement measures

At Hosokawa Alpine, we make the following contribution on our factory premises:

  • Software-supported energy management
  • Use of climate-friendly cooling equipment
  • Combined heat and power plants with biogas
    To optimise use of electricity and heat, e.g. for the central heating system and heating drinking water
  • Photovoltaic system on the roofs of the production halls
    Our solar energy system has an area of 4,574 m2 and a peak power output of 490 kW.
  • Use of LED lamps and replacement of all halogen bulbs in the office buildings
    Reduces electricity consumption and improves working conditions
  • Electricity from renewable sources
    We purchase electricity that comes exclusively from renewable sources - in our case, 100 % from hydropower.

Conserving resources

for sustainable production

Doing more with less material: we do just that by increasing efficiency. That is why we at Hosokawa Alpine rely on various measures to conserve resources and thus make our contribution to greater sustainability.

  • Reconditioning of used Alpine machines
    Our experts make old machines serviceable again with a general overhaul.
  • Consistent downgauging of film structures
    Our film blowing systems offer the same features with less material.
  • Reduced raw material loss
    thanks to fastest material changes in film blowing lines
  • Efficient residue recycling
    during material changeover

Targeted recycling

Recycling instead of disposal

We support our customers in the efficient recycling of production waste. We set a good example ourselves and prioritise sustainable use of raw materials.

  • Optimum processing of PCR (post-consumer recycling)
    with the HX Select high-performance extruder for film production
  • Further processing and reuse of edge trim
    in blown film production
  • Project planning and manufacture of recycling systems
    for the efficient treatment of production waste as part of the closed material cycle
  • Refining Recovered Carbon Black
    When using the ACM classifier mill and TDG fluidised bed counter-jet mill with an integrated classifier in the chemical industry
  • Participation in the PRS Green Label Initiative
    for the return and recycling of transport pallets
  • Consistent waste separation and recycling
    in our own plants, including metals and other raw materials along the production process

Sustainable circular economy and alternative raw materials

Alternative packaging for the future

Flexible packaging protects food or secures goods during transport. As a result, customers value durability and performance above all. However, these properties are the problem when it comes to disposal. That is why we are convinced that flexible packaging must be part of a circular economy in future. How are we contributing? We are working on film solutions that can be recycled and reused at the same level.

  • Cooperation with partners along the entire value chain
  • High-performance monomaterial solutions made of polyethylene (Full PE)
  • Blown film lines for producing biopolymer films

Social responsibility

Living and working better together

For us, sustainability also means assuming social responsibility, responsibility for our employees, but also for future generations and for our region. As a successful company, we like to give something back to society.

  • Continuous training and development
    We prioritise consistent training and development of our employees. We train our own staff. For example, about 10% of our workforce are apprentices. This means that we have one of the highest training rates in the Augsburg region.
  • Focus on employee satisfaction and health
    Healthy and satisfied employees are more motivated on the job. That is why we make a targeted contribution to boosting the health and performance of our employees, e.g. with an annual health day. The low fluctuation in our company proves us right.
  • Support for social projects
    At our headquarters in Augsburg, we support schools, kindergartens and cultural institutions. In addition, the individual Hosokawa Alpine locations support local social projects with donations from the regional companies and Hosokawa Alpine. Our employees donate their time and thus breathe life into the projects.
  • Investing in the future
    Thinking about tomorrow – this also includes ensuring the long-term success of the company and good working conditions. That is why we regularly invest in the site. In this way, we always keep research and development facilities, buildings, machines and infrastructure at the cutting edge of technology.

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