Research and film development

in the Hosokawa Alpine test centre

We take advantage of the perfect infrastructure of our test centre over a total area of 1000 m² for research and film development. We design blown film lines exactly for the needs of our customers. Therefore customer trials can be performed directly on the latest Hosokawa Alpine blown film and film orientation lines.

The team in our test centre has comprehensive know-how and is able to offer our customers optimum consultancy and support in their tests.

  • Live demonstrations of blown film lines (1 to 11 layers)
  • Live demonstrations of MDO film orientation lines
  • Application tests for customer applications
  • Test laboratory with modern test equipment

We want to preserve these decades of experience, specialist knowledge and Hosokawa Alpine expertise in the future. So we are already passing it on today to our apprentices in the field of process mechanics for plastic and rubber technology.