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Research and film development in the Hosokawa Alpine testing center.


The Hosokawa Alpine testing center was built in 1986 and shortly afterwards a 23 m-high extension was added to enable the  production of lay flat widths of up to 3500 mm. With a total area of over 1000m² we take advantage of the perfect infrastructure for our research and film development. Customer trials can be performed on the latest Hosokawa Alpine blown film and film orientation lines.

The team in our testing center includes engineers, technicians and skilled workers who, as a result of their extensive experience and know how, are able to provide customers excellent advice during trials. In order to sustain the decades of experience, the specialized knowledge and the Hosokawa Alpine expertise for the future, we train apprentices in process technology for Plastics.

Every three years, in the period between the “K” Shows, an Open House (i.e. an international In-House Exhibition) is held in the test center in Augsburg.

The test laboratory

A test laboratory with state-of-the-art test equipment adjoins the testing center. Every year well over 100 of test series which cover film development and film testing are performed in Augsburg.