Die Head Service

The die head is the heart of a blown film line. Gentle and thorough cleaning of die heads is an important quality factor in film production. Thus, service life can be increased and the film quality can be maintained at a constantly high level.

Secure your productivity and film quality with Hosokawa Alpine's die head service:

  • Gentle cleaning
  • Qualified repairs by our product specialists
  • Rental of die heads during cleaning
  • On-site service

Professional die head cleaning

by die head specialists from Hosokawa Alpine

Electrical components and heating elements are removed before cleaning in our service centre.

The steel components are gently cleaned in the pyrolysis oven and then cooled down in a controlled manner.

The next step is the dismantling of the base plate. The spiral distributers are removed individually from the inside to the outside. In order to enable smooth removal, the inside of each distributer is cooled with water.

The spiral distributers are cleaned and polished. The coating is checked during this process. Damaged coatings can be repaired or completely renewed.

Our service specialists reassemble the cleaned components safely and professionally and replace the wearing parts if necessary. At the end a final quality control takes place.

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