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Maximum film quality through patents for blown film extrusion and film orientation.

Extensive series of trials in the Hosokawa Alpine testing center in Augsburg formed the basis for our patented blown film process. Film die heads of different sizes were tested with various raw materials with the same result: unparalleled film quality even at very high throughput rates and with the shortest purging times when changing programs. The breakthrough for the X series film die heads.

The patented X film die head

During the development of the new patented Hosokawa Alpine X film die head the most modern computer simulation models were used. The melt feeds into the spiral mandrel were optimized such that an extremely high flow and thermal homogeneity of the melt is achieved. As a result of the new melt distribution in the film die heads, the port lines on the film surface are eliminated during production of co-extrusion films. Films of outstanding quality from the optical properties to the film thickness profile with minimal tolerances result from this new series.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • very short changeover times between different materials as a result of  the extremely short flow paths
  • reduced waste as a result of short changeover times
  • high output as a result of  the low pressure level in the die head
  • easy accessibility due to the compact construction with a low overall height
  • all surfaces in contact with polymer are coated
  • Plenty of space available for the internal cooling system IBC

Orient film more economically: the patented TRIO system (patent EP 2277681)

Discover the advantages of the Hosokawa Alpine TRIO film orientation technique. Further information can be obtained under Hosokawa  Alpine film orientation lines.