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Milestones in film technology.

Hosokawa Alpine, Augsburg, has repeatedly set new standards both in film manufacture and in the film qualities achieved during more than 60 years of basic research.

First High Barrier Film Day in Augsburg  – Introduction of innovative 11-layer packaging films.
Launch of ExVis 3.0 with numerous new features.

K Show October 2013 Hosokawa Alpine introduces the first 11-layer X-die for the ultimate performance in the production of barrier films.

TRIO system (Trim Reduction for Inline Orientation) is introduced. The revolutionary thickness control system reduces the edge trim waste during the inline orientation process, thereby ensuring excellent flatness of the film.

ExVis 2.0 is presented.
Introduction of the cooling ring-Generation VX newly developed by Hosokawa Alpine (adjustable in height, with 3 discharge levels) for markedly increased output rates through even more efficient cooling of the film bubble.

Hosokawa Alpine presents the new AWS and AWD winders

Under the designation "Generation X" Hosokawa Alpine presents a new series of the die heads in monoblock design, in addition to directly driven extruders which produce outstanding film qualities.
The first lines for 9-layer high barrier films are produced.

The first Hosokawa Alpine MDO orientation lines are delivered. These allow specific modification of the mechanical properties of the films and savings in raw materials.
Hosokawa Alpine sets new standards in process visualisation with introduction of the "ExVis" extrusion visualisation.
The first Hosokawa Alpine lines for 7-layer films are produced. These lines open up entirely new possibilities to the user in terms of film composition and design of the film properties.

The film thickness is precisely controlled and regulated using the new POS profile optimisation system.

Presentation of the IBC tube internal cooling. The increased cooling performance increases output by 50%.

The first blown film line with a high speed, adiabatically-operating, type H screw press designed for "strenuous operation" is developed.
The first oscillating extruder HS 35/12L/D is marketed. Whereas formerly the winder rotated in order to uniformly distribute thickness errors, the extruder was now reversed. Handling of the finished, heavy film roll was made considerably easier as a result.

The KSE 45 screw extruder capable of processing all the thermoplastics known at the time is introduced.