Digital solutions from Hosokawa Alpine

For economical and stable production processes

Digitisation entails human-to-machine communication, communication among machines, enhanced visualisation and improved process control, etc. Nowadays, a blown film line can be completely controlled from a screen.

The Alpine user interface is called ExVis 5.0, which means Extrusion Visualization. In addition to operating the machine, the control concept, including visualisation and line control, allows evaluation of processes, alarm messages and energy monitoring, etc.


Intelligent Software Assistant

Isa is a platform to make your production even smarter. The application is used to collect process data from all machines involved in the manufacturing process.

  • Simple visualization and analysis of process data
  • Data access via freely confi gurable dashboard: easy to create with drag and drop
  • Quality control based on historical process parameters
  • Development of use cases for machine learning algorithms


Use Isa to display the most important values of one or more lines on a common dashboard. Dashboards can be created or modified easily using drag and drop.

Long term data storage

With Isa you can store your production data for many months. Of course the storage capacity depends on the number of values and their sampling rate. Contact us for more information.


Production monitoring

Monitor your production, evaluate problems and get insides of your data.                                    


Mail notification

You want to get a mail as soon as your line is down? Isa can handle this for you. Create rules like “if throughput is less than 5 kg/h for 5 minutes” and Isa will send you a mail with a screenshot of the corresponding


Use basic analytics to get stochastic distribution or compare various trends using a shared time picker


The Isa system will be delivered with its own hardware which will be connected to your network. Isa runs on Ubuntu LTS. For a smooth commissionin the configuration is done by Alpine. The Blown film lines will be connected to the same network and the data access is realized via OPC UA. All devices which are connected to the same network (tablet, smartphone, PC,…) can access Isa using an web interface. You just need an internet browser.