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Economical and efficient: energy-saving film production with Hosokawa Alpine.

Plastic films are products which are often subject to prejudice – wrongly so. At Hosokawa Alpine we are continuously working to make film manufacturing more environmentally friendly through optimization of energy requirements and reduction of energy consumption.
Every gram of raw material and every watt of energy saved during the production of blown films increases the line's efficiency and helps to protect the environment. In the initial design phase of our blown film and orientation lines all environmental factors are studied and carefully considered.

Less energy, more film

The use of optimally dimensioned, frequency-controlled drives contributes to energy saving and increases profitability. The film die heads from Hosokawa Alpine are synonymous with short changeover times. Fast job changes require less raw material, generate less waste and require less energy.

As a result of their excellent flatness oriented films produced with TRIO can be processed downstream at higher production speeds thereby increasing the added value of your blown film line. The optional water-cooled motors that power our extruders ensure that Hosokawa Alpine blown film lines yield noise levels well below those prescribed under currently prevailing noise control regulations.