film tuning

Expand your possibilities with monoaxial film orientation lines

MDO film orientation lines

Hosokawa Alpine has been dealing with monoaxial film orientation for more than 20 years and has continuously optimised the flatness of the films. The patented TRIO technology "Trim Reduction for Inline Orientation" ensures significant material savings in edge trimming. Our MDO (Machine Direction Orientation) lines make it possible to adapt specific film characteristics such as stiffness, shrink- and tear resistance precisely to suit your application. In comparison to non-oriented films of similar thickness, oriented films possess improved mechanical and optical properties. In the case of barrier films, the orientation process also reduces permeability to gas and water vapour.
For the user, film orientation means at the same time a tremendous potential for savings. Packaging films can therefore be manufactured which, despite a reduction in use of materials, display very similar characteristics to those of non-oriented films.

MDO technology is also a key component in the manufacturing of high-performance mono-material composites from polyethylene. These Full PE packaging solutions can be recycled after original use and further used in the recycling industry for end products. This results in applications in which the recycled material can be used again at a similar level.