New: Maximum Performance

in three variants

High-performance extruder HX

The extruders are available in graduated sizes with diameters of between 50 and 135 mm and can be combined for 1- to 11-layer lines depending on requirements.
This modular principle allows individual system configurations for demand-oriented film production. Our high-performance barrier screws with low-shear mixers achieve optimum homogeneity of the melt at low temperatures. Consequently, only relatively low cooling capacities are required in production for extremely high output rates.

Our extruder technology is available in three series to suit every application:

  • HX Flex - the all-rounder for an ideal balance between performance and quality of the melt
  • HX Select – the specialist for applications with low shear and a lower melt temperature
  • HX Tech – the smooth-bore extruder for applications such as hotmelt or TPU