film tuning

Expand your possibilities with monoaxial film orientation lines

Film orientation lines

MDO (Machine Direction Orientation)

The MDO from Hosokawa Alpine allows certain film properties such as stiffness, shrinkage or tear strength to be matched exactly to your intended use.

  • Compared to non-oriented films of comparable thickness, oriented films have better mechanical and optical properties
  • In the case of barrier films, the orientation process also reduces permeability to gas and water vapour
  • The use of material for films can be significantly reduced




  • More than 20 years experience in monoaxial stretching
  • The patented TRIO technology "Trim Reduction for Inline Orientation" provides significant material savings in edge trimming
  • MDO lines from Alpine can produce blocked and double flat film

New: MDO Vacuum Technology

The new generation of Alpine MDO systems is equipped with vacuum technology:

  •     Up to 70% less neck-in
  •     Outstanding roll quality
  •     Optimal properties for further processing

Function MDO process

This is how the MDO process works:

Heating section
The film is brought to the ideal temperature by heated rollers.

Stretching section
The heated film is stretched between two rolls in the required stretching ratio.

Annealing section
Annealing rolls reduce the stresses that have arisen during the stretching process.

Cooling section
Cooling of the film while compensating the thermal shrinkage.

Technical details

  • Available lay flats: 1.600 / 2.000 / 2.600 / 3.000 mm
  • Film speed at inlet up to 130 m/min, outlet 300 m/min (350 m/min for breathable film)

  • Step-less orientation ratio of up to 1:10

  • Speed control by asynchronous drives for highest speed accuracy.

  • Chromed double-jacket rolls with spiral grooves for best temperature homogeneity.

  • Individual heating of the rollers with oil or water

  • Depending on the application use of systems with 8, 10 or 12 rollers