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Blown film lines for co-extruded film of up to eleven layers

Hosokawa Alpine blown film lines set new standards in film production. Our systems are currently the most advanced on the market in terms of innovation and technology. The lines are characterized in particular by their flexible, economical and reliable operation. As a result you can achieve the required quality and profit from the necessary flexibility whenever required.

Hosokawa Alpine Mono-blown film lines

Our mono-lines are equipped with  barrier screws and process all current polyolefin-based materials such as HDPE, MDPE, LDPE. LLDPE,  mLLDPE and PP. Processing of other types of raw material, e.g. bio plastics is also no trouble at all.

Co-extrusion blown film lines

Hosokawa Alpine co-extrusion blown film lines are used today for the majority of film applications. Since different materials and raw material types can be combined these co-extrusion lines are both extremely flexible and highly economical. Our HXS extruder series is of modular design enabling various combinations of extruders from the series. As a result our co-extrusion lines are always tailored to meet your respective requirements.

Blown film lines for co-extrusion films of three to eleven layers

3-layer lines are now regarded as standard. There are few restrictions concerning the choice of the polyolefin raw materials with their differing mechanical or physical properties. They can be easily chosen to meet the requirements of the film application.
The trend towards 5-layer lines has become apparent since 2010. Our 5-layer blown film lines allow you to access the field of barrier films with PA and EVOH and are therefore ideal for developing interesting new applications. The Hosokawa Alpine 5-layer lines are also suitable for producing 3-layer structures.
The Hosokawa Alpine 7, 9 and 11 layer co-extrusion lines enable you to meet the continuously growing demands of the market for high barrier films incl. PA, EVA, EVOH and mLLDPE.

Series X film die heads are available in diameters of between 160 mm and 710 mm.

Individual line configuration

For the majority of applications blown film lines with widths of up to 3500 mm are used. The possibility of combining various materials enables an increase in the versatility and profitability of your line.

Our well-graded extruder series enables individual extruder configurations with the following screw diameters:
HXS series extruder Diameters:
50 mm, 65 mm, 75 mm, 90 mm, 105 mm, 120 mm and 135 mm.
Thus the line can be precisely configured to meet and allow the production of a wide range of film products. The result is packaging items designed to meet specific criteria with improved tear characteristics, a longer shelf life, improved organoleptic properties and enhanced protection of the packed goods.

For information on application examples please refer to  film applications