Typical film applications

The right film for every application
Bio film

Thanks to the low melting point and low rate of shear, the HX Select high-performance extruder is ideally suitable for processing bio plastics.


High-barrier film

The blown film lines from Hosokawa Alpine offer maximum flexibility for the manufacture of high-barrier film with effective oxygen and aroma barriers.



Breathable film

The film orientation line MDO (machine direction orientation) from Hosokawa Alpine makes possible the production of breathable blown film with high water vapour permeability.


Examples for film applications from A to Z

  • Agricultural film
  • Animal feed packaging
  • Carrier bags
  • Compression packaging
  • Confectionary packaging
  • Construction film
  • Film for frozen goods
  • Freezer bags
  • Fresh produce packaging

  • Fruit and vegetable bags
  • Goods bags
  • Heavy cargo sacks
  • Industrial film
  • Laminating film
  • Lidding film
  • Meat/poultry packaging
  • Medical film
  • Milk film

  • Nappy linings
  • Newspaper film
  • Packaging for bakery products
  • Protective film
  • Refuse bags/sacks
  • Shipping envelopes
  • Shrink hoods
  • Stretch hoods
  • Wrapping

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