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13. February 2019

New Features of ALPINE's Air Jet Sieve

The modular principle of operation, innovative diagnostic tool and quieter operation consolidate the technological leadership of the e200 LS air jet sieve

HOSOKAWA ALPINE, a leading provider in the fields of process technology and film extrusion, has been developing and optimising air jet sieving for over 60 years and is a global market leader in this sector. The e200 LS air jet sieve for sieving extremely fine powders has been given a facelift which has succeeded in boosting the technological leadership even more. "Our e200LS air jet sieve is used in a host of different branches such as in chemicals production as well as in the pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs industries. With the current facelift, we are able to offer our customers even more comfort and at the same time increase the efficiency and speed", says Hermann Schmidt, Operations Director of the Pharma & Laboratory Division of HOSOKAWA ALPINE's process technology business segment.

New features increase operating comfort
To achieve a higher degree of operating comfort, HOSOKAWA ALPINE optimised a number of components and integrated them into the air jet sieve. As the result of a new suction opening, the modular functionality enables a variety of operating modes such as dehumidification and cooling, as well as making a reduction of the suction noise possible. The neat connection concept on the rear of the device means that the cables and connections are now integrated into the device, thus ensuring a higher level of process safety. The diagnostic tool uses status LEDs to automatically monitor all electronic components - throughout the entire service life. This increases the operating reliability and makes it possible to intervene promptly in the event of a malfunction. And finally, it was possible due to an optimised air flow geometry to reduce the operating noise by 50% compared with the predecessor. From January 2019 onwards, a powerful vacuum cleaner made by Kärcher will be available as a suction component.

Sieving extremely fine particles is a real challenge
Sieves always run the risk of clogging up when extremely fine particles are being sieved. The smaller the mesh width, the greater the risk. The special design of the e200 LS air jet sieve keeps the sieves free of agglomerates. The industrial vacuum cleaner connected up to the sieving chamber creates a vacuum. The air jet exiting the rotating slotted nozzle flows through the sieve cloth from below and disperses the particles on the sieve cloth. The dispersed particles are then pulled through the sieve mesh by the vacuum. The coarse material remains on the sieve.