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13. February 2019

HOSOKAWA ALPINE sets a benchmark with its low-energy classifiers

High throughputs at low energy consumption

The system and energy efficiency are major factors when classifying mineral fillers. HOSOKAWA ALPINE, a leading provider in the fields of process technology and film extrusion, will be present at the POWTECH 2019 with an innovative solution, namely the ACP 1250. The low-energy classifier is laid out especially for the production of fillers in the fineness range of d97 = 8 - 45 μm. Up to now, the amount of energy that the classifier requires in the case of classifier mills is around 30 to 40 per cent. The ACP 1250 reduces the specific energy consumption by a quarter.

HOSOKAWA ALPINE's classifier sets new standards
"Besides the drives for the classifying wheels, it is more than anything the pressure drop across the classifier that contributes to a high level of energy consumption. The objective was development of the lowest-energy classifier possible", says Paul Woodward, Operations Director of the Minerals & Metals Division of HOSOKAWA ALPINE's process technology business segment. In addition, the ACP 1250 operates with an optimised classifying wheel that bases on the energy-efficient ALPINE NG classifying wheel principle. A cast iron housing from the MS classifier series ensures the requisite degree of robustness. Over and above this, the product routing of the ACP 1250 within the classifier was optimised so that even high throughputs can be reliably handled.

Reduced pressure drop
The ACP 1250 is designed to achieve medium fineness values and high throughputs and is suitable for use in a closed circuit with ball mills or as a high-performance final classification unit. At an air flow rate of 60,000 m3/h, the classifier exhibits a significantly reduced pressure drop of 36 mbar. In comparison with other systems, the minimised pressure drop of the ACP 1250 leads to a high energy efficiency – without reducing the performance. At the same time, the classifier is characterised by a good fines yield and a top cut ranging from 8 to 45 μm.