• 1898: The history of Hosokawa Alpine Aktiengesellschaft began in 1898 as the mechanical workshop of Mr. Otto Holzhäuer.
  • 1902: The workshop was turned into a plc in 1902, and from then on traded under the name "O. Holzhäuer'sche Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Augsburg-Göggingen". This was also the year when the company moved from the centre of Augsburg to its current location.
  • 1903: The company was still very new when it began to focus its business activities on the sector of mechanical engineering: the first patent for a universal size reduction machine with the tradename "Triumph" was granted as early as 1903. The product range expanded rapidly to include more mills and size reduction machines, for which the company also received several patents. In 1900, the company's products were already being sold to customers throughout Europe.

  • 1909: In 1909, the company name was changed to "Alpine Maschinenfabrik-Gesellschaft m.b.H.". The intention on the one hand was to combat the frequent mix-ups with another machine company "Holzhäuer" in Augsburg. And at the same time the company management wanted a short and pithy company name. The name Alpine is a made-up name derived from the Alps which corresponds with the high standards of the company and its aspiration towards peaks of excellence. The new oval-shaped Art Nouveau company logo also came into being at the same time: a stylised A in gold set on a blue background in the centre of snow-covered alpine peaks with gold stars above.

    The following years saw various changes in the company name and its owners. The company logo was also adapted to suit the prevailing spirit of the times.

    The term "Alpine" always remained an integral part of the company name, and it established itself in the minds of many customers as a trademark. Thanks to the durability of our machines, there are quite a few machines still in operation today that bear the old company logo.

    After World War II, Alpine took on a number of engineers and technicians from the dissolved Messerschmitt company in Augsburg. This succeeded in transferring know-how from the field of aerodynamics and the development of jet engines into the world of process technology and was turned to account especially in the design of new air classifiers.
  • 1950/1960: From 1950 onwards, ALPINE intensified its research and development on the sector of plastics processing machines. The screw-type extruder KSE 45 for processing thermoplastics marked the begin. A new business division came into being which since 1960, has specialised in the manufacture of film blowing lines. You will find detailed information about the technological milestones of this business division here.
  • 1987: At the end of November 1987, Alpine AG was taken over by the Hosokawa Miron Corporation, Osaka, Japan. As a result, the compay changed its name to Hosokawa Alpine Aktiengesellschaft.

  • 1997: In 1997, the mechanical engineering business division was split up into so-called customer divisions. Each division focuses on the special requirements and needs of individual industries, offers the customers comprehensive consulting and develops specific solutions for the branch in question.

    Hosokawa Alpine has continued to develop successfully in both business divisions. The machines and systems are exported to every corner of the world;  the turnover outside Europe is around 50%, and the export ratio as a whole around 75 - 80%.

    Hosokawa Alpine is fully commited to Germany as a business location and to its company headquarters in Augsburg. The quality of our products results from the close cooperation between our experienced and dedicated staff from all different fields of expertise.

    Since 2008, Hosokawa Alpine has invested a total of 30m euros in several new production and assembly buildings on the company premises. Investments are also regularly made in new production machines as well as equipment for our testing centre.